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GX2216 Garvey Labels M2616 Meto Labels
Price $27.00
Price $29.00
For use in the Garvey 22-66 22-77 & 22-88 Labelers. For use in the Meto 16.26, 20.26 & G5.26 Labelers.
Tagger Hooks Meto 15.22 Labeler
Price $19.50
Our Price: $99.50
Tagger Hooks 2 Line, 8 Character per line Labeler. Uses the H2202 Labels.
Security Loops Garvey 22-77 Labeler
Price $20.00
Price $89.95
Security Loops The Garvey 22-77 Labeler.

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At PriceMarking.Com we pride ourselves in offering a complete selection price markers, price label guns and labels that are top quality. We are a Certified Distributor for price marking industry standards such as:

  • Monarch / Paxar: Top selling pricing guns and pricing label options that last. Buy Monarch price markers and you know you’re using a consistent and reliable price marker gun.
  • Garvey: Garvey pricing label guns continue to adapt to meet price marking industry demands and have recently released new and improved versions of their pricing label supplies.
  • Meto: Meto price guns are dependable quality. We stock many hard-to-find sizes.
  • Impressa: Impressa labelers work with Garvey labels and are a new line of economical solutions for high volume commercial use.
  • Sato / Dennison: Pricing label guns from Dennison perform well and work in a variety of applications to help you stock and price your retail or commercial inventory.

Many of our price markers are customizable to suit your price marking needs. Price markers that mark 1 or 2 lines of numbers and/or letters, or a price gun to label from 5 to 12 characters. We make them custom for your specific needs.

We are a family-owned business that has been in the labeling industry for more than 3 decades; happy to help you choose which price markers or labels are right for you. Give us a call at 1-800-218-6419 or contact us by e-mail:

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R2212 Removable Garvey Labels

Price $19.80
For use in the Garvey 22-6 22-7 & 22-8 and IMPRESSA 2212 Labelers.

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1136 Monarch Labels
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